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Sorry Guys, It’s Official: Women Make Better Bosses

While far more men occupy powerful positions than women, a report has found that they may not be the best gender for the job.

Cue gasps of shock from men everywhere, and a complete lack of surprise from women, who don’t need a study to tell them what they already know.

In their latest “State of the American Manager” report, research company Gallup found that female bosses are not only more engaged at work compared to male managers, they’re better at engaging their employees too.

The study found that 41 per cent of female leaders report feeling engaged at work compared to only 35 per cent of men, and employees with a female boss are six per cent more engaged than those who report to a man.

It’s likely the difference in a manager’s enthusiasm goes some way to explaining the variation in employee engagement, after all a good leader should always practice what they preach.

But why else do women make better bosses?

Generally speaking, women have better maternal instincts than men, thanks to evolution and the generations of women acting as the primary caretaker in the family.

It’s these maternal tendencies that actually work to make women better leaders.

According to Gallup, female leaders are better at encouraging the growth and development of their subordinates and are more inclined to provide constructive feedback (similar to a supportive mother).

And in a male dominated world, they also have an inclination – by necessity – to work harder in the workplace in general, as they’re constantly required to exceed expectations in order to get ahead.

So what’s next? Well, while the results are a great endorsement of women in the workplace, there’s no escaping that we still face significant challenges.

But one thing’s clear, instead of running from what makes us women; we should embrace our natural instincts and use them to empower us!

The sad thing about these findings is that despite the proven benefits of promoting females in the workplace, it’s still more common for males to saturate higher paying, leadership positions.

Why? Probably because it’s a dog eat dog world. Maybe even because we threaten men with our proven arse kicking skills. Either way, men, watch your backs. We’re coming for you!