Women Talk Money: Empowering Women’s Financial Literacy

Launched in July, Women Talk Money is an innovative website that empowers women to make informed choices and secure their financial futures.

The easy-to-navigate site provides engaging and informative content that will build women’s capacity to discuss finances in their relationships and know their rights.

Aimed at women aged 18 to 30, the content is particularly focused on those who are getting into serious relationships where money becomes an even bigger consideration.

Women Talk Money is an initiative of WIRE Women’s Information and a cause that we here at The Hip Pocket strongly support and encourage.

WIRE CEO, Julie Kun, says we must begin to address the lack of communication around finance and relationships.

“I speak to women of all ages and backgrounds about financial security and most say they feel uncomfortable talking about money with a new partner. This lack of communication can entrench stereotypes of men being the financial provider and decision maker – leaving women vulnerable to financial abuse and loss of financial control over their life,” she said.

WIRE’s 2015 research project ‘Strong Beginnings: Financial Equals’ provided the initial spark for this new online tool. It revealed that significant barriers exist for women when they talk to their partners about finances and that these barriers include gendered socialisation and institutional structures that perpetuate gender inequality.

Similar resources that are currently available do not take into account these power dynamics nor do they acknowledge the complex relationship between money and gender. Women Talk Money flips this script and tackles these issues head on.

Funding partner Financial Literacy Australia understands how vital these conversations can be. Robert Drake of Financial Literacy Australia says without them, money can become a major source of angst in a relationship.

“It is so important for women to have confident discussions with their partners about money.  Without open discussions, it’s hard to manage money effectively and make plans.  On the other hand, tensions over money can lead to stress in relationships or worse”, he said.

“Many women have told us they feel awkward starting discussions around money, so Women Talk Money is brilliant in helping women to take practical first steps.  Financial Literacy Australia is proud to have funded this landmark project.”