Is working in IT a good bet to futureproof your career? 

Are you unsure about the next step in your career?

Futurist Morris Miselowski has said that in the next 30 years 60% of us will be working in jobs that don’t currently exist. Do you fancy being a memory augmentation surgeon, a body part maker, brain augmenter or spaceport traffic controller?

These jobs might still be a couple of decades off and you have to pay the rent somehow right? So, even if you are working or studying business or IT you know these career paths are going to rapidly and constantly change. So you have to keep up. They are also both dynamic industries that contribute greatly to the economy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball that could predict what the future had in-store for IT and Business careers? Not quite yet but here’s what we do know. 

Around 40% of Australian jobs are likely to be automated in the next decade, according to Deloitte so it’s more important now than ever to start to thinking about your own future career.

IT and business professionals will remain in high demand

Both IT and Business careers offer:

  • good salaries
  • diverse work environments
  • and exciting job roles with potential for great long-term careers

Here’s the negative. They are also both highly competitive, volatile and in a constant state of flux.

Data from Registered Training Provider Upskilled reveals what is likely to be the future of IT and Business Careers in Australia.

The research reveals a lot about both industries and offers some sage advice about how to manoeuvre your career to your advantage and get a head start on keeping pace with all the likely career changes.

The good news is that the growth and positive trends experienced in both industries in the past is most likely to continue well into the future. With the digitisation of the world and workforce, IT professionals will remain in high demand. In fact, JobOutlook predicts at least until 2020 that the IT industry will add 14,000 jobs and the greater Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector in Australia will employ over 150,000 people in the lead up to 2020. That’s a predicted 151% increase.

The average IT related role is advertised as $100,000 – ready to switch careers?

Seek also revealed that last year, most IT related roles were advertising an average salary of over $100,000 per annum. This is all sounding better already!

Looking at the bigger picture of employment in Australia, in January of 2017 there were 11,984,300 people employed in Australia. In the years to November 2020, employment in Australia is expected to increase by 989,700 workers, or 8.3%. When you consider the sheer number of job openings predicted for IT related roles when compared to total number of job openings Australia wide across all industries, 151, 200 of 989,700 is 15%. That’s 15% of all job openings in the next few years in Australia.

Careers both in Business and IT are made up of qualified workers. Are you currently studying for a job in either industry? Or are you a current business or IT professional who thinks their career could be helped by further education and training?

Online training and education is a great way to balance both work and study as well as getting comfortable with a digital workspace. Upskilled also deliver nationally recognised qualifications in IT so you can really be prepared for change and qualified for tomorrow.

For more information on Upskilled and their upcoming courses, visit or call 1300 009 924.

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