How much money can you make working in finance?

If you’re feeling bored in your current role then it may be because you simply aren’t learning anything new. There reaches a point where the job your first job you were so excited to start in your early 20s, has nothing left to teach you. You’re ready for the next step in the career, but you’re not really sure what that might be. Working in some area of finance may be a great move if you are good with details, like being challenged and want to earn good money.

There seems to be a general attitude amongst millennials that working in finance is a very serious career, designated for much older people Yet we are all spending and earning money, and at times everyone needs guidance and assistance in managing their funds. This means there are all sorts of employers, and different clients to work with.  The finance industry is dynamic, multi-faceted, and most importantly, in a period of growth.


Are you feeling bored at work?

Skills you already have that would be great for a career in finance
So, what makes a stellar employee in this sector? Perhaps the most important trait is a willingness to learn, as it’s an ever-changing, fast paced line of work. Attention to detail is a must, because there’s no room for typos – one figure wrong, such as a zero, turns $100 into $1,000.

Those working in financial management and accounting learn advanced organisational skills, complex problem solving, critical thinking and social perceptiveness. They must juggle multiple clients, who all have a different set of personal and financial circumstances.

What does working in finance teach you?
What are the benefits of working in this sector? Students of finance and accounting enjoy a guarantee of a high earning potential, strong employment outcomes, and transferrable skills in financial management. It’s actually a really cool career for your 20s because it teaches you the practical life skills that weren’t included in high school. Things like how superannuation and taxation works, how to manage your income and how mortgages work; practical life skills, and valuable knowledge for any adult.

As a bonus, most of the work is Monday to Friday, it’s a stable and usually good income, you’ll enjoy the perks and bonuses of a professional workplace and it offers heaps of different pathways for career progression.

Be willing to learn and have good attention to detail 

The growth in the sector – something to get excited about
According to Job Outlook, employment for finance managers, investment advisers and accountants has been rising for the past five years and will continue to grow strongly up to 2020. It may come as a surprise to learn most financial investment advisers and managers are in their late 20s! The highest percentage for any of the nominated age brackets, 29.6% of people in the role are between 25-34 years old, compared to 4% age 20-24.

So far all of this is sounding pretty good, now here are a few more things to consider. Undertaking study is an important decision, so it’s definitely important to weigh your options before you dive into a course. In most cases, the jobs that have prerequisites of higher education are the ones with higher salaries.  As with all industries, different levels of education will result in different job outcomes.

Entry level jobs can kick off great finance careers

Getting started in your career
You don’t have to study for years and years to start out in the finance industry. In such a wide and diverse industry, there are tonnes of entry level jobs which may only require you to obtain a diploma or Certificate IV. And the best news? There are scholarships up for grabs, too. Upskilled has created a scholarship of $2,000 as part of their mission to make education accessible to all Australians, no matter where they come from, where they are or their socio-economic status. Anyone can apply.

If you feel like it’s time for the next step in your career, and you’re interested in having a look at some finance courses, please have a look at the resources available online. No matter your age, there’s nothing stopping you from making an investment in yourself and pursuing a career in the finance industry. It’s dynamic, it’s fast-paced and it may well be the move you didn’t know you needed to make.

Could you gain a study scholarship?
Upskilled is an online education provider in Australia that offers a range of accredited business qualifications, ranging from bachelor degrees, diplomas and certificates. Now in an endeavour to provide ongoing support to potential business students, Upskilled is pleased to provide a scholarship to the value of $2,000 to help with costs surrounding tuition, text books, laptops and other costs across all disciplines and for students of all ages. Head to the Upskilled Scholarship Program website to find out more and take the first step towards your career in business today.

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