Workplace Culture Trends for 2016

Still nursing that post-holiday hangover? Do the dulcet tones of your 6am alarm make you want to chance another sickie? You’re not alone.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Australians are ‘not engaged’ at work. And we’re not talking in terms of flaunting that hot fiancé photo or sizeable finger bling either. We’ve switched off. Tuned out. Embraced the ‘evs’. So what’s to be done?

American business magazine Forbes recently published an article maintaining that staffs physical wellbeing should no longer be an employer’s sole priority.

These days we’re tending to commit our total selves at work – emotions and all. And employers are finally realising that to achieve an optimised workforce, they need to ensure a ‘more balanced, holistic, perspective-driven workplace’. That’s smart-speak for ensuring you’re a happy camper.

Yep, but how?

Harden Up

Buzz word of the year – resilience. Stress happens. It’s part of the hum-drum of daily life, but rather than instigate a Hump Day booze-up to calm your farm, experts reckon you need to actively do stuff that tackles behavioural issues rather than just manage symptoms.

Try swapping that fourth double-shot macchiato for an ‘erbal tea (does a pumping pomegranate whet the appetite?).

Get a dog and walk it, take ukulele lessons, commit to a morning boot camp session or consider weekly yoga classes (bikram, tantric – whatever floats your boat). Try anything that gets those endorphins pumping and sends that mentally unhealthy effluent packing.

Peeps Power

One of the current ‘ins’ of workplace health is what’s called an ‘individualised, compass-model culture of choice’. Yep, NFI either, but apparently it’s simply about empowering staff to invest in their own personal outcomes.

Lots of workplaces these days offer sweeteners that help motivate – free gym memberships, financial advice, a weekly box of communal fruit.

Suck ‘em up and make work tolerable. Don’t eat lunch at your desk, book holidays early then savour the countdown to Bounceback Activation, ask the boss for some out-of-office training.

Hell, go for gold and negotiate a I’m-working-from-home day once in a while. Then watch the daily toil evaporate.

Intuitively Intuitive

Purely intellectual knowledge is out. Cool. No more exploiting wank-talk in meetings. Qualitative thinking is now the bomb.

Values-based leadership (unless your values are shite) and your capacity for collaboration are the things that will satisfy that undisputed desire for a promotion, pay surge or free corporate tickets to the rugby.

Displaying emotional intelligence and adopting a ‘growth mindset’ will help you embrace challenges, sharpen your problem solving skills and inspire your confidence.

And if all this sounds just a little bit dribble-inducing, just do what your boss is doing and fake it ‘til you make it.

Flaunt Your Flamingo

You know those birds with the pink beaks that you always see standing on one leg? Quite bizarre behavior, and scientists don’t really know why they do it, but one thing’s for sure; They have great balance (you’d have to in order to sleep like that).

But take note, the word is not a noun. It’s a verb. Work-life balance is an active, ongoing state.

So if you’re constantly tired, wired and Bob Geldof’s ode (a must-listen) to that effed up first day of the week is your life’s anthem, it’s time to give yourself a good, hard slap in the chops and get a bit of a reality check, isn’t it? Just do it.