You Will Only Become Successful If You Do These 7 Things

Let go of your need to please others

True success comes when we feel fulfilled living in our own shoes. There is no doubt that the people in our lives play a huge part in creating this sense of fulfilment, but it’s these same people that can tear us down instead of building us up, even if they don’t mean it.

In the quest for success, its vitally important that we take a step back to reflect and evaluate whether the people we surround ourselves with are a positive or negative addition to our lives.

If someone’s opinion makes you feel insecure instead of inspired or if their presence makes you feel drained instead of uplifted, their opinion isn’t worth the importance that you probably give it. It’s time to put yourself and your own happiness first.

Get rid of the toxic people in your life

When you come to realise that there are people in your life who are not worth having, you must take hold of the situation and hit it head on. Toxic people can only bring you down.

There is a plus side though, as these people have the ability to teach us lessons and give us experiences that no other kind of person can offer. However, success can only be achieved when we let go of them and focus our energy on the people who support us in our journey towards success.

Gain some life experience

You will never know what you want out of life until you go out and start living it. The journey to success is very much a journey in learning to understand different people’s perspectives of the world. As if that isn’t reason enough to go and book a trip to South East Asia or Tuscany or where ever you have been dying to go!

Don’t think life experiences are limited to just the travel type, either! Fall in love, have your heart broken, volunteer, learn a new skill, fall in love again, eat good food and rediscover your favourite past time. Take the time create moments that turn into memories and become some of the greatest teachings that life can throw at you! 

Find your passion

I know you have heard it a million and one times, but as the legendary Steve Jobs famously said; “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

You’re never going to find success, happiness or fulfilment if you are stuck doing something that doesn’t truly excite you. Finding your passion is like stumbling upon a gold mine; it will make your life richer in every way possible.

Nail your time management skills

When we perfect the ability to manage our time effectively, everything seems to work like a well oiled machine. When we time manage, we are able to work, play and everything in between. We begin to enjoy life because we have more time to not only do the things we love, but to spend time with the people we love.

This begs the question… how does one learn to time manage? Well, trial and error is key here! It’s something that isn’t learnt, but something that is practiced and executed on a daily basis. If you do happen to stumble and fall off the band wagon by either a) scrolling through your Insta feed because your ‘looking for ‘inspo’ to strike, or b) checking Snapchat every 35 seconds to see if ‘bae’ has opened your snap, do not fret! There is hope, because time management is learnt overtime and with repetition. 

Master the art of balance

Balance is the love child of time management and passion. Balance is also a tricky concept, but it is something that we all need to aim for and work towards on a daily basis. Achieving mental balance is exactly the same as the physical kind – It takes determination and focus, but can be easily achieved.

You know you are on your way to success when all aspects of your life seem to work together in harmony- you are not working too much or too little, you are spending time with your loved ones, but not to the point where you get sick of them, and you get to take time out to do the things you love to do! 

Learn to smile in the face of adversity

On the long, windy and (sometimes) seemingly endless road to success, we are without a doubt going to run into some speed bumps. However, the challenge we face is deciding whether to slow down and take the bump with ease, or to speed up and bite our tongues as we go over them.

If you take the first option, you will come out of challenges, problems, conflicts and issues as a stronger and more refined version of your already awesome self! On the other hand, when you speed up and don’t bother reading the road signs, you run the risk of winding up with a ‘popped tire’, so to speak.

In life, we need to learn to face challenges with positivity and a ‘never say die’ attitude. When you run into a road block, slow down, smile and take it with ease!