Your Ultimate Guide to Quick, Easy, Ultra-Healthy Meals  

Cooking can be hard, especially if you’re a walking fire hazard. Some days you may be lucky enough to make a successful batch of spaghetti, but most days, it’s meals from your local greasy takeaway joint.

Well hop out of the drive thru and into your kitchen – here are seven ultra quick, ultra easy, ultra healthy meals even the biggest microwave-addict can achieve.

The classic

Ditch the discounted minced meat and whip up this fragrant basil and tomato penne pasta.

A recipe from well-known chef Jamie Oliver, you can rest assured that the recipe does in fact work, unlike the time you tried to bake banana bread with your roommate’s “full-proof” instructions.

The light

Shove the fish in the oven, throw the vegetables in the steamer and you’ll have a complete, super healthy dinner ready in less than 30 minutes!

If you’re not a fan of bok choy or pumpkin, or if you’re just that broke, swap the vegetables out for cheaper ingredients like carrots or spinach. You can get cracking on that assignment while you wait for the fish to cook.

The takeaway

Can’t take a break from takeaway? At least jazz it up with some fresh, healthy home cooking.

This super quick, delightfully winter-friendly pho is surprisingly simple to make and ideal for cooking in big batches to store for the week. Add your favourite herbs, or extra fresh chilli if you like your meals a little spicy.

The pantry

So you’re reading this article at 11pm when you’ve realised you haven’t actually eaten dinner yet? This chickpea in rich, spicy tomato sauce pretty much only uses pantry-friendly ingredients like garlic, onion, canned tomatoes and canned chickpeas.

Swap the herbs for what you have on-hand.

The protein

This deliciously herby fried chicken takes just 15 minutes to cook from start to finish.

Pair it with some rice or fried vegetables if you’re the type of student who doesn’t live off fried chicken (let’s face it, you do).

The lazy

This garlic-y pasta recipe literally has just nine ingredients – that’s counting oil, pepper, parsley and lemon juice.

Deliciously simple, cheesy and crunchy – this is a never-fail go-to during SWOT VAC.

The breakfast for dinner

If all else fails, fry up some eggs on toast for lunch or dinner.

You can jazz it up by combining mashed fresh avo, feta, a squeeze of lemon juice and pepper.